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5 Cannabis Dispensary Anti-Harassment Methods

Unacceptable Harassment In The Cannabis Industry

5 Methods Preventing Anti-Harassment Complaints Leaders at many cannabis organizations are taking a fresh look at their strategies for preventing and addressing sexual harassment in the wake of the #MeToo movement. As you revisit your policies, don’t forget to also fine-tune your complaint procedures and without a robust process that employees can trust in the

Combating Racism in the Cannabis Industry

Hard-Won Cannabis Dispensary Leadership

Do You Combat Racism in the Cannabis Industry? Marijuana companies may be asking themselves, too, how their cannabis industry workplaces can be more welcoming to people of color, whether job applicants, employees, customers or vendors. One day of training likely won’t have much impact. The most effective way to change behavior is to change our

Don’t Simply Harassment Training Acknowledgements

Don’t Oversimplify Dispensary Harassment Training Cannabis industry employees’ acknowledgment that they’ve attended anti-harassment training should document more than attendance; they should also show that workers understood the training’s contents. Most employers just get a signature and that’s it, it is recommended that cannabis industry employers consider an acknowledgment that summarizes the company’s commitment to professional,

California Anti-Harassment Laws & Training

New Anti-Harassment Laws Are Coming to California California’s cannabis industry employers can expect to see more changes to the state’s sexual-harassment-prevention laws and required compliance training during the current legislative year, but exactly how those laws will change remains to be seen. Every year there’s a trend regarding the type of bills state lawmakers introduce

Dispensary Workplace Bullying

Dispensary Bullying and Harassment: What’s the Difference? As the cannabis industry strives to ensure a safe and inclusive dispensary workplace for everyone, they should note that some harmful bullying behaviors that aren’t technically unlawful harassment can still be addressed in a workplace civility policy. An employer’s cannabis dispensary’s policies can be more protective of employees

Cannabis & California: Do You Have 50+ Employees?

California’s Cannabis Industry & Anti-Harassment Training In 2017, Senate Bill 396 expanded existing supervisor training requirements for cannabis industry employers. Under the bill content on harassment based on gender identity, gender expression, and sexual orientation must be included in their training. California law and regulations require cannabis employers with 50 or more employees to provide