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Cannabis Breeding & Backcrossing

Use Cannabis Genetics to Backcross Recessive Traits First, you will select the desirable plants that have the traits that you like, and create an F2 population of them through full sib-mating. You will then select the plants showing your desired trait, which is within the F2 population, and then hybridize this plant with the recurrent parent…this

Outbreeding Cannabis Traits

Wanna Know? How Outbreeding Cannabis Works… Outbreeding cannabis is the process of crossing or hybridizing cannabis plants with other plants which there is no, or only a distant, relation. Anytime a breeder is crossbreeding and using plants from outside of the family, group or variety so a hybrid seed is produced as a result. Out-crossing results in

Cannabis Breeding & Sexuality

Cannabis Breeding & Intersex Condition Synthetic variety is a cannabis breeding population derived from inter-mating specific genotypes, where each was selected for their good combining ability in all possible hybrid combinations. This is usually done by open pollination and includes repeated selection year after year. Intersexuality is a trait that can be shown through a variety of