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Dispensary Technician Role & Medical Advice

Retail Dispensary

What Are Dispensary Technicians’ Responsibilities? The cannabis industry is one of the most dynamic and rewarding places to be at this moment in history. As a member of a licensed cannabis retailer, you are one of the front-line faces of this new industry, and at times, the first-person customers will encounter. You represent the licensed

What’s It Like To Be A Budtender?

Become a Master Grower

Working as a Budtender in a Cannabis Dispensary ‘Budtender’ isn’t exactly the term that many of them prefer to use for themselves. Many of them consider it a tongue and cheek title and many Budtenders prefer to be called ‘dispensary agents‘ or ‘dispensary technicians‘. Out of towners seeking a recreational toke smirk at the term

Become The Best Bud-Tender In The Cannabis Industry

Tips For How To Become A Budtender Budtender is one of the most popular jobs in the growing medical marijuana industry. With a few tips and tricks in mind, you will be prepared to apply for your dream job as a Budtender. It is important to remember that a bud-tender job is a job like any

Cannabis MEDS & Necessary Bud-Tender Skills

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Showing Patient Medication An Essential Bud-Tender Skills There are several methods for administration of the dosage, including vaporizing or smoking dried buds, drinking, or eating extracts, and taking capsules that you will need to know for your Bud-Tender skills. Medical marijuana strain names are typically chosen by their growers and often reflect properties of the

Expert Budtender Skills *For* Patients


Budtender Skills To Build Patient Membership Building a dispensary membership base of patients is important and is one of the vital Budtender skills needed to build a successful clientele. Many dispensaries offer discounts for being a member so they can cultivate the patients’ medical marijuana plants on their behalf. Depending on your state’s laws, many times

Secrets Of Budtender Training And Skills

Master The Skills Of Budtender Training Budtender training for medical and recreational marijuana dispensaries has been getting a lot of attention as more and more states pass cannabis laws. This job has an important role in a medical marijuana dispensary because Budtenders are the ones who interact with the patients the most. They can easily make

Cannabis Inter-Lab Comparison and Proficiency Test (ILC/PT)

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A/B Split Testing Of Cannabis In Labs The testing of cannabis for the potency of cannabinoid compounds and the presence of pesticides, molds, and solvents has become a critical component of the medical cannabis industry. Every day, decisions about patient dosing and safety, and millions of dollars in transactions are based on results provided by testing labs. But with the

How To Become A Budtender???

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What Budtender Training Do You Need? If your love for cannabis goes much beyond just consuming it and experiencing the amazing high along with the superb health benefits of the same, it might be a dreamland awaiting you in the very near future to learn how to become a Budtender. With state governments becoming increasingly open to