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MAX Sales of Your Cannabis Products

Maximize Purchases in Cannabis Dispensaries When a customer walks into a dispensary, the display and packaging of a product directly influence their purchasing decision. If you make products that are being sold at a dispensary or manage a dispensary directly, take a look at some of these hacks to help you increase sales. The most

Avoiding the Top 4 Dispensary ‘Bad Habits’ for Budtenders

Cannabis Dispensary Technician Skills

4 Budtender Tendencies To Avoid At Work What exactly makes a good budtender ‘good‘ and a bad budtender ‘bad‘? Budtenders are the most valuable resource for medical and recreational dispensaries since their clients are looking to them for guidance on which products to try. The Budtender position in a dispensary provides the first impressions a

The Foolproof Bud-Tender Strategy

Online Bud-Tender School and Education Strategy Up to now, cannabis schooling wasn’t entirely necessary since there weren’t any certificates available to become a recreational or medical marijuana Bud-tender. However, future Bud-tenders are going to need to answer questions from clients as well as provide suggestions and recommendations on several strains or products. As a result of the growing cannabis industry,