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Open-Source Cannabis Breeding

Open-Source Cannabis Breeding

Crucial To Breeding Cannabis To Its Full Potential With legalization on the horizon in many places, cannabis could accidentally reproduce a scenario other crops have faced for over years: streamlining. Bold improvements in yield, logistical efficiency, or waste reduction pressured chemical companies and seed makers to engineer fruits, vegetables, and grain that, in many cases,

Cannabis Breeding & Sexuality

Cannabis Breeding & Intersex Condition Synthetic variety is a cannabis breeding population derived from inter-mating specific genotypes, where each was selected for their good combining ability in all possible hybrid combinations. This is usually done by open pollination and includes repeated selection year after year. Intersexuality is a trait that can be shown through a variety of

5 Steps For A Cannabis Breeding Program

Main Components Of A Breeding Plan For Cannabis Step #1 – Develop Breeding Goal You will first need to develop your vision or a cannabis breeding goal and write it out, you can start by asking yourself: Why are you trying to make seed? What are you trying to accomplish? Are you trying to combine

Cannabis Breeding And Sexual Reproduction

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Learn -> Ways To Do Cannabis Breeding There are several biological processes of sexual propagation in cannabis and the formation of new generations by seed via cannabis breeding. Cannabis is a plant that can be reproduced either sexually or asexually. The process of asexual propagation is referred to as taking cuttings or cloning. The process of