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Cannabis Dispensary Records Management

Cannabis Industry Records Management Requirements This discusses the importance of maintaining a comprehensive and organized record management system. It describes the key records management procedures and requirements. Including records management for digital files and physical files, a records inventory list, and patient records for medical dispensaries.   Importance of Records Management Operating a business involves

Pay Attention To Millennials Using Cannabis

Pay Attention Using Cannabis

They’re Going to Be Your Biggest Customers The world is in the thick of the Millennial moment. This year, the cohort of Americans who were born between 1981 and 1996, otherwise known as Millennials, will replace their parents, the Baby Boomers, as the country’s largest living adult generation. There are 71 million Millennials in the

Co-Workers With Criminal Records

Co-Workers With Criminal Records

How Do You Feel About Co-Workers’ Criminal Records As we all know, in order to work in the cannabis industry, it requires a criminal background check before anyone can seek employment most of the time at a retail dispensary (or even own businesses in most cases). Yet, most respondents to a recent survey said they’d

Dispensary Workplace Staff Augmentation

Dispensary Workplace Staff Augmentation

7 Best Practices For Temporary Dispensary Staffing You’ve got work to get done and you’ve decided to bring on temporary talent to augment your dispensary team. What are the cannabis dispensary staff augmentation best practices you should heed? Here are a few dispensary staff augmentation best practices we’ve cherry-picked from our own experience.   1.

Cannabis Industry Workplace Romance

Romance Giving Cannabis Industry Heartburn Working side by side on a common cause day in, day out, it’s no surprise that co-workers sometimes become intimately involved in the cannabis industry. One in three U.S. adults are or have been in a workplace romance. Sometimes those pairings lead to happily ever after – a CareerBuilder survey of

Cannabis Dispensary Workplace Investigations

Reasons for Fast Firing

Set the Stage for Dispensary Investigations A dispensary employee has complained about a colleague’s theft or maybe their behavior in the workplace. So now it’s time to start an investigation into what happened. Where do you begin? Legal experts say you need to put dispensary employees at ease as you interview them, but you also

How to Handle Dispensary Vaping

What To Do About Workplace Vaping Smoking has been banned from most workplaces for a long time, but vaping presents new issues for employers in the cannabis industry. So should the smokeless alternative to cigarettes be treated like cigarettes? Cannabis industry employers should consider government and local laws, company culture, health risks, and accommodations when

Working for a Younger Dispensary Boss

7 Tips Working for a Younger Dispensary Boss Nearly 4 in 10 U.S. workers with a younger boss, according to the results of a recent Harris Interactive survey conducted on behalf of CareerBuilder. That number will only grow as more Baby Boomers retire and members of the Millennial generation – who vastly outnumber their older

5 Steps for Onboarding Dispensary Managers

Retail Dispensary

Effective Steps for Dispensary Manager Onboarding New dispensary managers always remember their first days on the job, whether it was good or bad, and it will be based on the quality of your dispensary onboarding program. The fact that some cannabis organizations spend little time and effort on onboarding is quite surprising. So, what makes