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Multi-Tenant Cannabis Industry LMS Platform

Why a Multi-Tenant LMS is the Best Choice If you’re in the market for a Learning Management System (LMS) for your cannabis business, you’re probably very familiar with many of the options, features, and services available to you. In today’s global cannabis workplaces and dispersed teams, most organizations are seeking to bring onboarding, training, and

“Netflix of Cannabis Training” (or YouTube?)

Appealing Cannabis Training Analogy, But Flawed… What comes to mind when you hear the name “Netflix“? Orange Is The New Black… the Wonder Years… your favorite casual pair of nighttime sweatpants…? While we love binge-watching our favorite TV shows as much as the next guy, we associate Netflix with something else: crazy-good content that accelerates your personal entertainment

5 Characteristics of Successful eLearning

5 Characteristics of Successful eLearning

What A Successful eLearning Course Looks Like Now that you’ve decided to upgrade your learning strategy in the cannabis industry, find out the top five (5) characteristics of a successful eLearning course. A successful eLearning course is going to do more than just inform; it’s going to excite, inspire, and actively engage the learner. Your

4 Focuses For Cannabis Industry eLearning Design

Cannabis Industry eLearning Design

Things To Incorporate In Your eLearning Design Learning practitioners in the cannabis industry often focus solely on getting leadership support for learning. While necessary, what’s often left out is what employees want and need. Stop taking for granted employees will unquestionably accept whatever their leaders expect. This is a recipe for a learning failure. Does

Innovative eLearning for Cannabis Training

Innovative eLearning for Cannabis Training

Cannabis Industry Challenges For Instructional Designers The cannabis industry and Instructional Designer role are getting increasingly complex as they need multimodal skills to perform a variety of roles. In the cannabis industry, we need to experiment with various design modalities such as designing and developing online communities of practice, video blogs, and mobile learning for

4 Steps to Ensure Successful Cannabis Training

IT Security Awareness

Ensure Success Of Your Cannabis Training Strategy In today’s highly competitive cannabis industry, a highly skilled and motivated workforce is essential to meet your cannabis business goals and keep your organization ahead of the competition. Innovative and immersive training that can engage dispensary employees and effectively address the identified gaps or upskill them are critical

Improve Cannabis Industry Training ROI

eLearning Improves Your Cannabis Training ROI In this day and age, the cannabis industry is facing new and increasing challenges. From fierce regulations established by governments and decreasing resources to keep up with continuous changes in technology, difficulties in retention of skilled people, and these challenges can be overwhelming. Instead of cutting the cannabis industry

5 eLearning Reasons for Cannabis Training

Cannabis Industry: 5 Why’s To Adopt eLearning Think of a problem your dispensary employees are facing at work right now. It could be handling a difficult customer, closing a sale, learning the rungs of leadership, and the list could go on. As you are learning the ropes of entrepreneurship in the cannabis industry, it is

New eLearning Vision “Will Change Everything”

Cannabis Industry Future eLearning Solutions Dell joined the likes of IBM and Microsoft in showcasing what their proprietary tech could do for the future of learning. In their post, VP of Experience Design, Ed Boyd, claims the “real breakthrough will be in personalized learning”. This concept has existed on record since the 1940’s, its current

A Post-LMS Cannabis World?

A Place For Cannabis Learning Management Systems (LMS)? If that’s true, then the initial reason for cannabis companies to sign a contract with an LMS provider disappeared long ago. Even if only a handful of large cannabis companies dominate today’s internet, it is nonetheless both inexpensive and easy to set up a website and show