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Bug POOP (Sooty Mold) & Cannabis Growing

Sooty Mold Issues When Cannabis Growing When cannabis growing you may encounter “sooty mold” is a black mold and surface fungus that is produced from bugs, such as aphids, mealy bugs, scale, white-flies, etc. that excrete sticky honeydew. Sooty mold is a problem only with indoor gardens when honeydew is present. Plants that are infected with

Root Rot Treatment for Cannabis Growing

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Problems w/ Root Rot & Cannabis Growing Root rot causes plants to go from healthy white roots to light brown roots when you have cannabis growing. As root rot progresses, they will turn darker until they die off. Root rot causes leaf chlorosis followed by wilting leave and slowed plant growth when you are growing cannabis. It

Problem Growing Cannabis During Drought Conditions

Drought Weather Growing Cannabis Outdoors If the area that you are guerrilla growing cannabis in an area that does not have access to water, your crop can dry out and die quickly. If the area gets a good rain every one (1) to four (4) weeks then you might be okay. When you are preparing your

*Learn* Your Marijuana Growing Ballasts

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Lighting Ballasts And Bulbs For Marijuana Growing A ballast is a device that regulates specific starting requirements and line voltages for a specific HID (High-Intensity Discharge) lamp. There are many brands of ballasts in the marketplace yet there are only two (2) main types of ballasts for marijuana growing. Ballasts can be either magnetic ballasts which

Cannabis Humidity For Grow Rooms

Mastering Cannabis Humidity Indoors Cannabis humidity is a term for the amount of water vapor that is contained in the air for your indoor grow room. It refers to any one of several measurements of humidity. Formally, humid air is not “moist air” but a mixture of water vapor and other constituents of air so

Essential AIR For Marijuana Growing Rooms

*REQUIRED* Air For Marijuana Growing Indoors Fresh air is essential in all gardens, though with indoors it can be the difference between success and failure. With marijuana growing outdoors, the air is full of carbon dioxide (CO2), which is necessary for plant life. When winds blow more carbon dioxide is swept through the garden to replenish

Snow? Winter Time Cannabis Growing

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Winter Is Coming…Is Your Cannabis Growing Room Ready? It’s getting colder outside, which means there’s no chance of waking up to a beautiful marijuana plant in your backyard. If you have been growing your own marijuana, but don’t have enough to last through the winter, or if you are planning to grow for the first time