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5 Steps Ending Cannabis Dispensary Harassment

5 Steps Ending Cannabis Dispensary Harassment

Unacceptable Harassment In The Cannabis Industry The power of the #MeToo and Time’s Up movements has transformed the sexual harassment discussion from tabloid gossip about the rich and famous into a mainstream cannabis dispensary workplace issue. The overriding concerns for employers in the cannabis industry are: What does harassment look like? Is there a solution to

Making Cannabis Work Mean Something

Making Cannabis Work Mean Something

Making Work Meaningful in the Cannabis Industry Cannabis industry employees value salary, benefits and company leadership, but meaningful work drives job satisfaction more than ever. What the cannabis dispensary decision-maker may be missing, however, is an understanding of what really energizes staffers: the ability to spend their time doing meaningful work. Data show that while

Weed at Work

Must Employers Accommodate Medical Marijuana? A majority of states now permit medical marijuana use, and federal law may not always pre-empt state laws when it comes to their impact on the employment relationship. As employees increasingly turn to cannabis as a treatment option for various health conditions, employers must examine whether their policies – which

The ABC’s of THC

Employers Need to Know About Cannabis Laws As U.S. support for the legalization of cannabis grows and more states approve cannabis’ medical and recreational use, employers must understand the relevant legal developments and how they affect the workplace. About 62 percent of U.S. respondents to a 2018 Pew Research Center survey said cannabis use should

Cannabis Cultivated New Branch of HR

Motivate Environment

Human Resources & Cannabis Industry Challenges As recreational cannabis into a legitimate billion-dollar business from its seedy past, human resources professionals are encountering business challenges that are both familiar and new. Dispensaries must tackle the same problem any new business faces: how to get started. In states with legalized recreational cannabis, business is blooming. With that

Cannabis Industry Skills Gap Fallout

Hard-Won Cannabis Dispensary Leadership

Cannabis Skills Gap Fallout Lands With HR Employers in the cannabis industry need to shift their focus from reactive hiring to thinking of themselves as builders of talent. With new assessments, big data and predictive performance, we have the best training tools to identify adjacent skills, help people shift into emerging roles and create clear

Dispensary ‘Regrettable Resignations’

Recognizing the Dispensary Warning Signs While a certain amount of turnover is inevitable and may even be desirable, no dispensary manager wants to be blindsided by a valued employee’s decision to leave. You can minimize the surprise factor by learning to read and respond to the warning signs. Research conducted by Timothy Gardner, an associate

Conduct Comprehensive Dispensary Exit Interviews

Prioritize To Run a successful business

When Dispensary Employees Leave & Exit Interviews The exit interview can be a useful way for cannabis industry employers to protect their property, identify any morale or culture problems, and limit the risk of lawsuits being filed later. Here are some of the benefits of conducting a meaningful exit interview with dispensary employees. The exit

Restore Interactive Dispensary Communication

Hard-Won Cannabis Dispensary Leadership

How HR Can Restore Interactive Communication In this rapidly growing cannabis industry, dispensaries and their HR professionals are grappling with the unending quest for talent – but not just any talent. Quality standards must be met, and they demand candidates with excellent, targeted skills in the newly developing cannabis industry. Among the capabilities hardest to