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Working for a Younger Dispensary Boss

7 Tips Working for a Younger Dispensary Boss Nearly 4 in 10 U.S. workers with a younger boss, according to the results of a recent Harris Interactive survey conducted on behalf of CareerBuilder. That number will only grow as more Baby Boomers retire and members of the Millennial generation – who vastly outnumber their older

Effective Dispensary Employee Onboarding

Dispensary Onboard Training Should Last for Months Consider the human resources director who wants to strengthen her cannabis organization’s onboarding practices. Currently, the cannabis industry does little more than a half-day new employee dispensary training that consists of a code-of-conduct video, safety demonstration, and mounds and mounds of new-hire paperwork. Before the lunch hour hits, new

Cannabis Business Employee Dating Policy

Dating Policy Template for the Cannabis Workplace This sample policy addresses cannabis workplace dating and consensual romantic relationships occurring between co-workers and among co-workers and managers, supervisors and others in positions of corporate authority over terms and conditions of employment. It outlines the cannabis company’s objective in maintaining the policy and describes prohibited conduct in

3-Things Cannabis HR Can Do to Impact Retention

Increase Cannabis Business Profitability via Retention The best part of the cannabis industry is having diverse employees so HR needs to start marrying it together to determine what will work best for their workforce. We’re not thinking about “trends” here, it tangible things that you can do today to make a real impact in your

3 Must-Know Tips for HR Bliss

Cannabis Businesses Can Improve Employee Retention While numbers are shifting, it’s clear that small businesses seldom have resources to dedicate to human resources; a 2017 USA Today article shows that the majority of assets are used for business growth and development. While new business owners often see an internal HR representative as a luxury they