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Gamify Cannabis Industry Training

Gamification Solutions for Cannabis Training Gamification is an approach where elements and principles of gaming are used to create a more effective and engaging learning experience for the cannabis industry. Gamification can be effectively used to help the learners apply their learning on-the-job through real-life situations in a controlled environment. Gamification-based learning courses will typically

4 Steps to Ensure Successful Cannabis Training

IT Security Awareness

Ensure Success Of Your Cannabis Training Strategy In today’s highly competitive cannabis industry, a highly skilled and motivated workforce is essential to meet your cannabis business goals and keep your organization ahead of the competition. Innovative and immersive training that can engage dispensary employees and effectively address the identified gaps or upskill them are critical

Maximize Cannabis Training & Minimize Work Downtime

2 Ways To Use Downtime By Maximizing Cannabis Training What would you do if you purchased something and it didn’t work? Chances are you’d return it for a full refund. This is how the cannabis industry feels when they pay for a training solution and it falls short of their expectations…they expect it to work;

Improve Cannabis Industry Training ROI

eLearning Improves Your Cannabis Training ROI In this day and age, the cannabis industry is facing new and increasing challenges. From fierce regulations established by governments and decreasing resources to keep up with continuous changes in technology, difficulties in retention of skilled people, and these challenges can be overwhelming. Instead of cutting the cannabis industry

5 Ways Microlearning Reshapes Training

Hard-Won Cannabis Dispensary Leadership

Microlearning Reshapes Cannabis Classroom Training Why should training dispensary managers flip for a microlearning strategy in the flipped classroom approach? Let’s gain an insight into the ways microlearning is reshaping flipped classroom cannabis training programs. A flipped classroom is a training methodology that combines the power of classroom learning with online training. Though it’s a type

New eLearning Vision “Will Change Everything”

Cannabis Industry Future eLearning Solutions Dell joined the likes of IBM and Microsoft in showcasing what their proprietary tech could do for the future of learning. In their post, VP of Experience Design, Ed Boyd, claims the “real breakthrough will be in personalized learning”. This concept has existed on record since the 1940’s, its current

Fragrance-Free Dispensary Workplaces

Cannabis Odor Control

Sensitivities Raise Bouquet of *Smelly* Issues Cannabis’ smell – it’s something you either love or hate. Few people have a neutral opinion of the pungent plant’s distinctive odors. The word “cannabis” comes from the Hebrew word kneh-bosm, which literally means “aromatic reed.” When someone with a fragrance sensitivity asks for a reasonable accommodation under the

Moodle Releases: Brings Cool, New Features Faster

Moodle: Why Won’t Moodle Bring Cool, New Stuff Faster!? News and estimations about Moodle HQ employees vary, but the number is often capped at fifty (50), and only a fraction of them are software engineers. Moodle is not a large company, and a part of its development depends on volunteer contributions. This is often the

Are Your Cannabis Workers Bored?

Uninspired? Cannabis Workers Suffering a Career Crisis It happens to a lot of cannabis industry employees: After working in the dispensary workforce – after they’ve landed the job they dreamed of, achieved what they wanted and reached a comfortable salary – suddenly it seems there’s nothing left to strive for. It’s called a career crisis

Cannabis Industry Employee Performance Management

3 Employee Performance Tools in Moodle LMS The Moodle Gradebook is often regarded as the control tower for employee training in the cannabis industry. As it centralizes course and student information, it is almost of mandatory use for managers that grade employees’ course performance from Moodle. In the latest Moodle LMS update/upgrade, there were some components to