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Cannabis Retail Job Descriptions Template

Cannabis Dispensary Job Description Templates In most respects, running a cannabis dispensary is just like running any other retail operation. You have customers coming to your store to purchase products, and you have employees to help inform your shoppers, provide them with great customer service, and ultimately facilitate sales. Just like in a traditional retail

Scalable Cannabis Jobs Hiring Process

Step-By-Step Guide Adding New Team Members What’s the hiring process at your cannabis company? Do you carefully plan out your personnel needs a minimum of 90 days in advance, execute a rigorous (but fair) multi-step recruitment, interview, and offer process… all while maintaining a consistent bench of diverse and qualified candidates for future positions? Or is

Humanity in Cannabis HR Compliance

Putting Humanity in HR for the Cannabis Industry Here’s a modest proposal: Ban the word “documentation.” The word is cold, lifeless and dehumanizing. Instead of encouraging growth, trust and engagement in employees who need to adjust their behavior or performance, it causes stagnation, fear, and withdrawal. It never ceases to amaze how poorly dispensary managers document important

Dispensary Paltry Pay Raises?

Dispensary Money May Be Going to Benefits To hire good workers and keep them happy, cannabis employers appear to be relying on benefits, such as bonuses and vacation time, more than on salary increases. Aon, the human resources consulting firm, noted in its annual survey of company pay practices that there has been “a continuing dramatic

Resumes for the Cannabis Industry

Writing a Resume for the Cannabis Industry Times are changing, and the cannabis industry is rapidly becoming mainstream. In previous decades, it was a pipe dream for individuals operating a home-based operation to include their experience on a resume and a subsequent job search. Nevertheless, the cannabis industry is rapidly transforming from a secretive enterprise

“Budtender Life” Working in a Cannabis Dispensary

Budtender Jobs: Getting Hired as a Budtender Budtender jobs are one of the leading jobs in the legal cannabis industry. The term (derived from “bartender“) positions the career as the face of the cannabis service industry. Most often found in dispensaries, budtenders are the knowledgeable, friendly employees who are there to help medical cannabis patients