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Engaging Learners (& Marijuana) via Online LMS

How We Engage Learners Using LMS Features Keeping learners engaged isn’t always easy in the cannabis industry and there are many contributing factors, ranging from the fact that they do not feel challenged or the fear of compliance failure. It often comes down to personal factors, including the instructor and learner relationship or a particular

Multi-Tenant Cannabis Industry LMS Platform

Why a Multi-Tenant LMS is the Best Choice If you’re in the market for a Learning Management System (LMS) for your cannabis business, you’re probably very familiar with many of the options, features, and services available to you. In today’s global cannabis workplaces and dispersed teams, most organizations are seeking to bring onboarding, training, and

9 LMS Selection Criteria

What Really Matters for Cannabis Training Many organizations in the cannabis industry focus on the product and its unique selling points, but they overlook a crucial step in the Learning Management System (or LMS) vendor selection process for cannabis training: vendor vetting. In this article, we share nine (9) criteria you should consider when choosing

1,500 Creations for Cannabis Training

Cannabis Learning Management System (LMS) Plugins Moodle Headquarters (HQ) is celebrating a milestone that might have looked unthinkable a few years ago: Since Moodle 1.0 was released in 2002 enabled contributors to add special functionality. 1,500+ public plugins have been developed by companies, including Moodle itself; but above all, the armies of volunteers have made

Ed-Technology in the Years Ahead

Future Ed-Tech Excitement To Build Career Paths In our world, people get excited about new technological products. Sure, the next iPhone will not draw the same lines that it used to, but surely the next company will. More people than it should care about Tesla model 3’s weekly output. The fact is, tech is exciting.

Try Running Moodle FREE on AWS

Run Moodle on Amazon Web Services FREE If you’re interested in giving Moodle hosting on Amazon’s cloud services a try, Jumpbox’s Moodle hosting at AWS is FREE for 30 days. The service uses both Amazon EC2 (Elastic Cloud) and EBS (Elastic Block Store) to host Moodle in a cloud environment serving up a totally flexible hosting scenario

A Post-LMS Cannabis World?

A Place For Cannabis Learning Management Systems (LMS)? If that’s true, then the initial reason for cannabis companies to sign a contract with an LMS provider disappeared long ago. Even if only a handful of large cannabis companies dominate today’s internet, it is nonetheless both inexpensive and easy to set up a website and show

Badges: Credentialing Systems Today

Improve Training Outcomes w/ Digital Credentials Competencies and skills are fast-becoming the currency of the labor market and it is something that the cannabis industry needs to keep in mind. To build a framework for recognizing and validating skills, from corporations to universities, and K-12 schools are turning to digital credentials. Developing a robust digital

Moodle: Most Important Accomplishments Over 15 Years!

Moodle LMS Accomplishments via 2 Upgrades / Year For many Moodlers and open education enthusiasts, 2017 was one of Moodle’s most momentous times since the launch of version 1.0. The 15-year anniversary, its first private equity stake, and a series of announcements signaling new approaches both internally and externally are just a few reasons to

Cannabis Training and Compliance Using an Open-Source LMS

A Reality Check for Cannabis Training & Compliance Costs of Open-Source Learning Management Systems (LMS) When it comes to training and compliance in the cannabis industry, businesses must be compliant. To meet these tough compliance challenges, cannabis businesses need software to train and develop their employees while keeping detailed records of who has completed training when. Green