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Cannabis Seeds & Growing More Female Plants

Get More Female Plants via a Cannabis Seed There are many factors which contribute or influence the sex of a cannabis seed. If you want to create more males or females cannabis seeds, all you have to do is change a few key things to have an increased yield of either. As soon as the cannabis seedling has its

How To Breed Cannabis Seeds

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Considerations When Making Cannabis Seeds Seed Crop Care Many growers use high-phosphorus and low-nitrogen fertilizers during the flowering cycle and when producing cannabis seeds. Even though some growers use different fertilizing methods when producing seeds; it is best to provide a complete, balanced and organic-based fertilizers and soil mixes to produce the healthiest cannabis seeds as

Breeding Cannabis Seeds

Marijuana Seeds

Considerations When Making Cannabis Seeds Step #1 For Cannabis Seeds You will want to begin by choosing parents for breeding cannabis seeds. Selecting the female plants for breeding is much easier than selecting male plants. Breeders focus on plant characteristics such as their potency, flavor, yield, smell, resistance to pests, color, growth stature and other characteristics