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Random Sampling Cannabis Testing

Analysis and Testing

Cherry Picking or an Accurate Representation? Most laboratory cannabis analytical tests destroy the material that is being tested. This is due to the decomposition and fractionation that is necessary in order to perform them. For cannabis food and beverage products, this might include the quantification of such things as caloric content, protein composition, mineral and

Are Cannabis Testing Labs Created Equal?

Benefits and Pitfalls of Cannabis Testing A look at the benefits and pitfalls of cannabis testing, and the beneficence and competitiveness of the cannabis supply chain. Whether we are eating Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) potato chips or organic apples from a local orchard, it is understood that humans have a right to know what it

Workplace Drug Policy Updates: Just Say Yes

Should You Be Testing For Marijuana Anymore? As more states legalize marijuana, and opioid abuse reaches crisis proportions, it’s a good time to revisit – and perhaps revise – your workplace policies on drug use and testing. Although marijuana is still against federal law, states have permitted the drug for medicinal purposes and others also

California Employers Testing for Cannabis?

Can California Employers Still Test for Marijuana? Recreational marijuana sales in California started in January, causing many employers in the state to re-evaluate their substance-abuse and drug-testing policies. But the rules governing marijuana and the workplace haven’t really changed…yet. Employers should note that they don’t have to tolerate on-the-job marijuana consumption or intoxication. They should

5 Safety Issues with Cannabis Extraction

Top Safety Issues for Cannabis Testing & Extraction Cannabis extraction is a process that comes with warning labels and safety risks. Extraction of cannabis is a simple process, which people have used for centuries. There are many records of people using cannabis tea, hash or tinctures in ancient times. There are two (2) main groups of

Employers Increasingly Drop Marijuana Testing

Employers Dropping Marijuana Testing for Job Applicants Employers should think twice before drug-testing every job applicant since workers’ state-law rights for marijuana use are quickly on the rise. Marijuana use by adults in the U.S. almost doubled between 1984 and 2015, it remains illegal under federal law, yet there is a “march toward legality” across the country

ISO/IEC 17025 Accreditation For Cannabis Testing

Cannabis Testing Labs & ISO/IEC 17025 Accreditation Should you trust the testing labels you find in cannabis dispensaries? Government regulations are meant to be an effective shield against blatant contamination. Products, particularly consumable ones, are supposed to meet high safety standards before they can be sold. Cannabis, however, is in a unique position. Blossoming recreational and

Cannabis Testing & Sampling Preparation

Importance of Proper Cannabis Sample Preparation It has become apparent in various cannabis testing facilities and various laboratories (some dealing with cannabis, others engaging in microbial and/or analytical chemistry) that sample preparation is probably the least understood aspect in a laboratory. The purpose of both cannabis sampling and sample preparation for analytical purposes is to

Cannabis Analysis and Testing

marijuana testing

What’s IN Your Cannabis Analysis?? For many years, the only way that cannabis users could know the potency of the bud they bought was to burn one down, and that method was subjective at best. Medical marijuana has become commonplace in many US states, and with that came a new trend of potency testing cannabis. It