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CBD Mixology in Adult Beverages

Brewers Mixing Alcohol and Cannabinoids Getting drunk with Cannabidiol (or CBD)? Mixologists and brewers are now mixing alcohol and cannabinoids. Step inside a trendy West Coast bar and you might see a drink like “Pineapple Express” on the menu, an infused, fruity concoction. With these new drinks, dosing your body with CBD doesn’t have to

Cannabis and Senior Citizens

Does Cannabis Help Senior Citizens? Senior citizens can use cannabis for more than you might think, and you should take a deep look into how this substance can help someone manage their own health. It is pretty easy for you to get medical cannabis in the states where it is allowed, and you could use it

Cannabis Breeding & Backcrossing

Use Cannabis Genetics to Backcross Recessive Traits First, you will select the desirable plants that have the traits that you like, and create an F2 population of them through full sib-mating. You will then select the plants showing your desired trait, which is within the F2 population, and then hybridize this plant with the recurrent parent…this

Cannabis SEX & Breeding *Possibilities*

Cross-Pollinating Cannabis Breeding Schemes There are many types of breeding programs, some more complex than others and the type of breeding method you use depends fully on what you are wanting your outcome to be. Ideally, potential breeders understand the benefits and drawbacks of each strategy before they take action. It is often that breeders will

CannaTour: Cannabis Around the World

Global Cannabis – What Are The Prospects For Cannabis Worldwide? Cannabis laws are increasingly being relaxed all across the United States and around the world, and full legalization is looking like more of a prospect than ever before. This is great news for those of us who wish to produce, use, and benefit from cannabis here

Possible Cannabis Fertilizers & Additives

Marijuana Vegetative Growth

FOOD Or NOT -> To-Eat’s For Cannabis Colchicine Colchicine is a natural alkaloid that is prepared from dried corn and is not advised to use, as it very toxic to plants. It causes mutations in cannabis plants and produces no change in cannabinoid levels. Cytokinins Cytokinins are plant hormones that are derived from the purine

Green Lifestyle: Green Results

Such A Thing? Colorado Cannabis Road Accidents??? In a highly debated topic among many, the use of marijuana within society today must carefully be considered. There are many instances where marijuana can be detrimental to society, but there are also others where it can be known as a useful information. Medical marijuana has no doubt, been used

5 Steps For A Cannabis Breeding Program

Main Components Of A Breeding Plan For Cannabis Step #1 – Develop Breeding Goal You will first need to develop your vision or a cannabis breeding goal and write it out, you can start by asking yourself: Why are you trying to make seed? What are you trying to accomplish? Are you trying to combine

Cannabis State of Colorado


The Cannabis State Of The Union How Legalization Of Recreational Cannabis Affected Colorado In 2012, the state of Colorado became the first in the USA to legalize marijuana for recreational usage. Medical marijuana has been legal (under certain conditions) for some time here and has given relief to a great many suffering people. Recreational marijuana, however,