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How to Fire an Dispensary Employee

Having the Dispensary Termination Discussion Termination meetings are always challenging. Minutes before you call the employee into your dispensary office, your heart pounds; you experience mixed emotions of guilt, fear, and justification; and you mentally rehearse what to say and how to say it. When a breach of progressive disciplinary warnings results in a termination for

‘Too Old’ to Work in Cannabis?

Older Dispensary Workers Find Lack of Support Many employees plan to work past age 65, but will their cannabis industry employers help them to do so? In many cases perhaps not, as employers and workers don’t agree about how friendly the workplace is to older employees, according to a new study from the nonprofit Transamerica

Dispensary ‘Regrettable Resignations’

Recognizing the Dispensary Warning Signs While a certain amount of turnover is inevitable and may even be desirable, no dispensary manager wants to be blindsided by a valued employee’s decision to leave. You can minimize the surprise factor by learning to read and respond to the warning signs. Research conducted by Timothy Gardner, an associate

Effective Dispensary Employee Onboarding

Dispensary Onboard Training Should Last for Months Consider the human resources director who wants to strengthen her cannabis organization’s onboarding practices. Currently, the cannabis industry does little more than a half-day new employee dispensary training that consists of a code-of-conduct video, safety demonstration, and mounds and mounds of new-hire paperwork. Before the lunch hour hits, new

Fixing Poor Dispensary Employee Engagement

Fixing Dispensary Engagement Starts w/ Understanding Although HR practitioners and experts talk almost nonstop about how to build and maintain engagement, the hard truth is your dispensary workforce probably isn’t feeling the love. According to Gallup, just 33 percent (33%) of American workers are engaged in their jobs. Fifty-two percent (52%) say they’re “just showing