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6 Tips To Avoid Dispensary Fines

6 Cannabis Dispensary Compliance Tips Cannabis compliance is one of the things to which every cannabis dispensary must pay attention. Not only does compliance ensure that you have the legal right to carry out your cannabis-related operations, but it also helps keep your business from unnecessary fines and sanctions. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

Cannabis Dispensary Records Management

Cannabis Industry Records Management Requirements This discusses the importance of maintaining a comprehensive and organized record management system. It describes the key records management procedures and requirements. Including records management for digital files and physical files, a records inventory list, and patient records for medical dispensaries.   Importance of Records Management Operating a business involves

Cannabis Diversion & Operational Security

Preventing Cannabis Diversion & Security Operations Diversion of cannabis to individuals not qualified under regulations to purchase or possess it would expose a company to legal risk and undermine its credibility with the community in which it operates (check out our “Detecting and Preventing Diversion” training). Below are a few strategies that cannabis business operations

Combat Cannabis Industry Turnover Rate

Work For Us

How To Stop Industry High-Turnover Rate Why do employees leave their job? It’s a question that plagues businesses both within the cannabis industry and across the greater workforce. They report frustration with compensation, feeling undervalued, and a LACK of opportunity for advancement as top reasons for leaving. Losing people is never easy, but it’s even

Is Dispensary Etiquette A Real Thing?

Dispensary Etiquette A Real Thing

Dispensary Etiquette: What You Need To Know? For the ones going to the cannabis dispensary for the first time, the experience can turn out to be unsettling. Even though cannabis has umpteen number of benefits for both recreational and medical users, the knowledge regarding what exactly to buy shall elude you. Besides, cannabis has always

Dispensary Workplace Staff Augmentation

Dispensary Workplace Staff Augmentation

7 Best Practices For Temporary Dispensary Staffing You’ve got work to get done and you’ve decided to bring on temporary talent to augment your dispensary team. What are the cannabis dispensary staff augmentation best practices you should heed? Here are a few dispensary staff augmentation best practices we’ve cherry-picked from our own experience.   1.

Gamify Cannabis Industry Training

Gamification Solutions for Cannabis Training Gamification is an approach where elements and principles of gaming are used to create a more effective and engaging learning experience for the cannabis industry. Gamification can be effectively used to help the learners apply their learning on-the-job through real-life situations in a controlled environment. Gamification-based learning courses will typically

4 Steps to Ensure Successful Cannabis Training

IT Security Awareness

Ensure Success Of Your Cannabis Training Strategy In today’s highly competitive cannabis industry, a highly skilled and motivated workforce is essential to meet your cannabis business goals and keep your organization ahead of the competition. Innovative and immersive training that can engage dispensary employees and effectively address the identified gaps or upskill them are critical

Maximize Cannabis Training & Minimize Work Downtime

2 Ways To Use Downtime By Maximizing Cannabis Training What would you do if you purchased something and it didn’t work? Chances are you’d return it for a full refund. This is how the cannabis industry feels when they pay for a training solution and it falls short of their expectations…they expect it to work;

Cannabis Seed-to-Sale Tracking

Cannabis Point-of-Sale Tracking System The adoption of the track-and-trace system (a.k.a. Seed-to-Sale) in the cannabis industry has turned into a contentious topic, with some assessing it as a solid and legitimate way to track the sales and distribution of cannabis. While others believe it to be a tangled web of overly intricate, arduous, and costly