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Best Instructional Design Tools

Best Instructional Design Tools

Select The Right eLearning Tools For Your Needs You’re new to the Instructional Design scene. In fact, until now, you’ve only ever been a trainee. So, who could blame you for feeling a little nervous about designing your first course for the cannabis industry? If you’re wondering which eLearning tools will make the process less

5 Ways Microlearning Reshapes Training

Hard-Won Cannabis Dispensary Leadership

Microlearning Reshapes Cannabis Classroom Training Why should training dispensary managers flip for a microlearning strategy in the flipped classroom approach? Let’s gain an insight into the ways microlearning is reshaping flipped classroom cannabis training programs. A flipped classroom is a training methodology that combines the power of classroom learning with online training. Though it’s a type

9 LMS Selection Criteria

What Really Matters for Cannabis Training Many organizations in the cannabis industry focus on the product and its unique selling points, but they overlook a crucial step in the Learning Management System (or LMS) vendor selection process for cannabis training: vendor vetting. In this article, we share nine (9) criteria you should consider when choosing

1,500 Creations for Cannabis Training

Cannabis Learning Management System (LMS) Plugins Moodle Headquarters (HQ) is celebrating a milestone that might have looked unthinkable a few years ago: Since Moodle 1.0 was released in 2002 enabled contributors to add special functionality. 1,500+ public plugins have been developed by companies, including Moodle itself; but above all, the armies of volunteers have made

Ed-Technology in the Years Ahead

Future Ed-Tech Excitement To Build Career Paths In our world, people get excited about new technological products. Sure, the next iPhone will not draw the same lines that it used to, but surely the next company will. More people than it should care about Tesla model 3’s weekly output. The fact is, tech is exciting.

Try Running Moodle FREE on AWS

Run Moodle on Amazon Web Services FREE If you’re interested in giving Moodle hosting on Amazon’s cloud services a try, Jumpbox’s Moodle hosting at AWS is FREE for 30 days. The service uses both Amazon EC2 (Elastic Cloud) and EBS (Elastic Block Store) to host Moodle in a cloud environment serving up a totally flexible hosting scenario

Video for Cannabis Industry eLearning Solutions

3 Reasons Why Our Brain Loves Video You wouldn’t be on Green CulturED if you didn’t know the importance of video in our every day lives. You see it everywhere. From social networks to television, video has played a huge role in our lives. There’s a reason for this: Our brain loves video. According to

Custom Training: Instructional Design for Cannabis Training

eLearning: How Do You Create Online Training Experiences? Instructional Design (ID) is the practice of creating learning experiences that make the acquisition and application of business-critical skills and knowledge more efficient, effective, and appealing. The effectiveness of any training hinges on the content’s ability to remain relevant to the task at hand.   A Summary