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Combat Cannabis Industry Turnover Rate

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How To Stop Industry High-Turnover Rate Why do employees leave their job? It’s a question that plagues businesses both within the cannabis industry and across the greater workforce. They report frustration with compensation, feeling undervalued, and a LACK of opportunity for advancement as top reasons for leaving. Losing people is never easy, but it’s even

4 Tips For A Successful Dispensary Onboarding

Successful Dispensary Onboarding

Develop A Dispensary Onboarding Training Some businesses wait to start onboarding employees on their first day in the office, but as training becomes digitalized and new online training tools for the cannabis industry become more widely available, it’s easier than ever to begin the onboarding process before a new hire’s first day. Onboarding refers to

Cannabis Industry Onboarding Programs Too Short

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Not Enough: New Dispensary Employee Training We know dispensary employees’ onboarding training is basically non-existent in the cannabis industry, but let’s take a look at other business’ onboard training. So, about 77 percent of onboarding programs among large employers in North America last just three (3) months or less, and 38 percent of employers’ report

6 Challenges Tracking Cannabis Industry Training

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Tracking Cannabis Training Can Be Challenging Find out what six (6) of the most common challenges are when it comes to tracking employee training in the cannabis industry, and how training tracking software can help! If you are running the internal training for a large cannabis dispensary, it can be easy to lose track of

Cannabis Training Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)

PaaS Helps Solve Custom Training Challenges Training Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) ranks among the most-unknown but useful technologies in the human resources arena for the cannabis industry. There are a variety of PaaS solutions that are in cloud-hosted environments and include infrastructure but no training or courses. One of the chief benefits of PaaS is its ability

Educate Your Dispensary Customers

Best Way to Educate Dispensary Customers For those who have never tried cannabis, or others who are trying it again after quite some time, stepping into a dispensary can be an intimidating experience. Although visitors may have varied levels of understanding, one commonality they share is that they all expect to have their questions answered