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Growing Cannabis w/ Ventilation/Light for Greenhouses

Ventilation/Light for Growing Cannabis in Greenhouses Some glass greenhouses are sold with a manual ridge vent, even when a mechanical system is specified, the manual system can be a backup system, but it does not take the place of a motorized louver. Do not take shortcuts in developing an automatic control system. Evaporation cooling helps to eliminate

Grow Cannabis Using Greenhouse Coverings

Ways to Use Greenhouse Coverings to Grow Cannabis There are many types of coverings that are available to purchase for your greenhouse. Traditional greenhouses use glass for the windows, though not only being expensive, glass is heavy, easily broken, and not the best for security. Other products that can be used in place of glass are plastics

Greenhouse Climate & Growing Cannabis Outdoors

Greenhouse for Your Climate & Growing Cannabis Climate plays a major role in choosing the proper greenhouse for your region, there are many different designs that you can choose from when growing cannabis. Some are better for use in heavy snowing regions, and others are better built to withstand strong winds. Greenhouses can be either attached

Marijuana Greenhouse & How To Build

Build Your Own (best) Marijuana Greenhouse To figure out a rough estimate of how many square feet you will need for your marijuana greenhouse, you can calculate the number of mature plants you will have and multiply it by one (1) square yard per mature plant. Then add this to the amount of area you