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Green Algae & Powdery Mildew When Growing Cannabis

Green Algae w/ Growing Cannabis When growing cannabis, green algae is a slimy algae that needs nutrient, light and the moisture from the growing medium. Luckily, it causes very little damage but attracts other pests to eat on it and they will eventually attack the cannabis plants. You can prevent green algae by covering the growing medium to prevent

Marijuana Growing & *Electrical Safety* Indoors

Marijuana Growing

Electrical Safety When Marijuana Growing Making sure that all electrical and plumbing setups are built properly is a high priority when marijuana growing. Be sure to check all outlets, fuses and electrical connections so that they are grounded, connected properly, and without blackened or melted parts. This will help prevent a fire. Be sure to always have

Root Rot Treatment for Cannabis Growing

Cannabis Growing

Problems w/ Root Rot & Cannabis Growing Root rot causes plants to go from healthy white roots to light brown roots when you have cannabis growing. As root rot progresses, they will turn darker until they die off. Root rot causes leaf chlorosis followed by wilting leave and slowed plant growth when you are growing cannabis. It

How To Grow Cannabis, Like a CHAMP!

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Some GREAT Methods To Grow Cannabis There are many advantages to growing cannabis yourself because it puts you in control, so you can cultivate your own strains with the right nutrition. Furthermore, you can always be sure that the product which you cultivate is the highest quality possible. Growing your own marijuana has multiple advantages if you

Cannabis Breeding And Sexual Reproduction

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Learn -> Ways To Do Cannabis Breeding There are several biological processes of sexual propagation in cannabis and the formation of new generations by seed via cannabis breeding. Cannabis is a plant that can be reproduced either sexually or asexually. The process of asexual propagation is referred to as taking cuttings or cloning. The process of

Learning The Necessary Nutrients

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How To Grow Medical Marijuana Using Nutrients Hydroponic nutrients are high-quality formulations that are water soluble, contains all of the necessary nutrients and leave no impure residues in reservoir bottom is best how to grow marijuana indoors. High-quality fertilizer formulas are packed in one (1), two (2), or more (+) part formulas when growing marijuana

Cannabis SEX – Sinsemilla Vs. SEEDED Plants Harvest

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Harvesting Cannabis – Sinsemilla Females Vs. Seeded Males Sinsemilla (Female) Cannabis Harvest Female sinsemilla flowers are fully mature after being in a 12/12 – Day/Night cycle within 6 – 12 weeks depending on which variety it is. It is around this time that your flowers have hit their peak THC production. Many of the lower branches

HID Systems Using Marijuana Generator & Timers

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Learn To Use Marijuana Generator, Timers & HID Systems A marijuana generator can supply all electricity necessary for a grow room or even your whole house. So you will be able to grow ‘off the power grid’ by having a generator that is reliable, quiet, powerful and efficient are a top priority. When purchasing a new

Marijuana Electricity Consumption

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Facts About Marijuana Electricity Consumption It is not a crime to use marijuana electricity that is being purchased legally. Always purchase legally, as to tap into the grid it can cost you and possibly expose your grow. When using electricity legally, there is still a problem with bored law enforcement that can interrogate electrical company employees

Cannabis Temperature For Indoor Grow Rooms

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Required Marijuana Temperature Inside Your Grow An accurate thermometer and hygrometer are essential so if you can purchase one that is a day/night or maximum/minimum type that would be best. One that gives you the highest and lowest temperatures help you by making sure your growing environment stays within the ranges that are best for cannabis