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Getting To Harvest: Flowering Cannabis

Lighting (or Sun) Controls the Flowering of Cannabis Under cannabis’ natural growing environment outdoors, cannabis flowers in the fall when the days become shorter. Flowers begin to form during this last stage of growth, where leafy growth within the plant slows, and flowers begin to form. The changing of the seasons signal changes within the plant,

How? What? To Do Cannabis Manicuring…

Cannabis Manicuring

Essential *INFO* For Successful Cannabis Manicuring Once you have harvested (taken down your crop) you will begin the process of carefully start the cannabis manicuring process for each of the buds. When you are cannabis manicuring the buds, you will remove the large leaves from the stem then be trimming the smaller leaves by hand or

Cannabis SEX – Sinsemilla Vs. SEEDED Plants Harvest

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Harvesting Cannabis – Sinsemilla Females Vs. Seeded Males Sinsemilla (Female) Cannabis Harvest Female sinsemilla flowers are fully mature after being in a 12/12 – Day/Night cycle within 6 – 12 weeks depending on which variety it is. It is around this time that your flowers have hit their peak THC production. Many of the lower branches

eHow -> Harvesting Cannabis Plants

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When To Start Harvesting Cannabis Plants The benefits of taking the time to research what you need to know, working hard, purchasing quality products and equipment…doing things right is well worth the expense for a bountiful harvest. Keep cannabis plants healthy from pest and disease-free will help to ensure a quality crop. Harvesting plants at their