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Growing Your Own Cannabis

Growing Your Own Cannabis

Cannabis Cultivation Tips & Tricks Growing your own cannabis is an exciting and rewarding experience. Whether you have a skilled green thumb or are attempting to grow for the first time, similar elements apply from seed to flower. Certain considerations are crucial to the success, or failure, of the cannabis crop and a little know-how,

Lighting for Cannabis Growers

Quantity and Quality Cannabis Lighting As you progress in your journey toward becoming a master grower, you will soon start identifying the factors in achieving those glorious yields we all love to see in photos and videos. Inarguably, lighting is one of the biggest and most immediately recognizable of such limiting factors and, within reason,

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Cannabis Cultivation Technology

Artificial Intelligence for Greenhouse Automation Technology Artificial intelligence (AI) is likely a familiar term to many readers, but how this technology can automate tasks and increase efficiencies in your greenhouses for cannabis cultivation may seem unclear. After all, when most people think AI, they think of Skynet from the Terminator series. AI is a lot

Cannabis Cultivation & Water Conservation

Cannabis Cultivation: Water Efficiency and Regulations First and foremost, it is important to know if you are complying with all regulations regarding water use for growing commercial cannabis. As water scarcity increases globally, many agricultural-based businesses like cannabis cultivators seek ways to conserve water. Commercial agriculture uses approximately 80% of the state’s ‘developed water,’ or water

Using Photoperiodism to Grow Cannabis

Grow Cannabis Like Mother Nature How does a shift in the amount of time exposed to natural light impact the growth of cannabis plants? How do you know it’s springtime? Trees bud and bees buzz, but how does your bud know it’s time to give you a buzz? When growing in the wild, plants undergo a

What is Pre-Flowering Cannabis?

Pre-Flowering Your Cannabis Plants Pre-flowers on cannabis will begin to show around the fourth (4th) week into vegetative growth, depending on the strain. It is around this time that you will usually be able to determine the sex of your cannabis plants. Between the fourth (4th) and sixth (6th) node, you will usually be able

Basics of Marijuana Horticulture

Starting Off w/ Marijuana Horticulture The key to successfully cultivate marijuana is to understand exactly how marijuana produces food and grows. Whether grown indoors or outdoors, the requirements for cannabis growth remain the same. The necessities of cannabis are light, air, water, nutrients, a growing medium, and heat to create the necessary food to grow. Growing indoors,

Direct Cannabis Seed Germination Technique

Master Germinating Cannabis Seeds Sowing (direct seed) a seed into a soil growing medium is commonly used and in this method, we’re about to explain you will plant the seed about 0.25 – 0.50 inches into a soil container. Make sure to have a container that is large enough for the seed to sprout and grow

Cannabis Genetics

Inbred Line/Pure Line & Cannabis Genetics An inbred line (IBL) is a seed lot and cannabis genetics that has been bred for generations selecting repeatedly for specific traits to the point that each generation of the plant will have the same traits as the generations before. These are said to be true breeds for these