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5 Characteristics of Successful eLearning

5 Characteristics of Successful eLearning

What A Successful eLearning Course Looks Like Now that you’ve decided to upgrade your learning strategy in the cannabis industry, find out the top five (5) characteristics of a successful eLearning course. A successful eLearning course is going to do more than just inform; it’s going to excite, inspire, and actively engage the learner. Your

4 Methods For Cannabis Learning & Design

Scientific Disciplines

4 Ways To Support Evidence-Informed Cannabis L&D Generally, Learning and Development (or L&D) professionals ask themselves the question when developing training for the cannabis industry: “How can I deliver services as quickly as possible in accordance with the wishes of the customer?” On the other hand, others ask a more fundamental question: “Does the service

Best Instructional Design Tools

Best Instructional Design Tools

Select The Right eLearning Tools For Your Needs You’re new to the Instructional Design scene. In fact, until now, you’ve only ever been a trainee. So, who could blame you for feeling a little nervous about designing your first course for the cannabis industry? If you’re wondering which eLearning tools will make the process less

5 Instructional Design Principles

5 Instructional Design Principles You Can’t Do Without A sound knowledge of Instructional Design (or ID) principles will impact and inform strategies for eLearning in your cannabis business. eLearning seeks to create experiences for modern learners who want cannabis training contents that are relevant, mobile, personalized and self-paced. Primarily, a successful eLearning development is one

Custom Training: Instructional Design for Cannabis Training

eLearning: How Do You Create Online Training Experiences? Instructional Design (ID) is the practice of creating learning experiences that make the acquisition and application of business-critical skills and knowledge more efficient, effective, and appealing. The effectiveness of any training hinges on the content’s ability to remain relevant to the task at hand.   A Summary

Training Technology for Cannabis Industry: Partners or Failures?

Deliver Top-Notch Cannabis Training for Your Employees One of the most common questions we discuss here is: “How do I deliver necessary cannabis training online and how do I learn to manage a learning environment.” We will discuss technical considerations for choosing a training provider, but here’s the thing… If you are a beginner or an