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Open-Source Cannabis Breeding

Open-Source Cannabis Breeding

Crucial To Breeding Cannabis To Its Full Potential With legalization on the horizon in many places, cannabis could accidentally reproduce a scenario other crops have faced for over years: streamlining. Bold improvements in yield, logistical efficiency, or waste reduction pressured chemical companies and seed makers to engineer fruits, vegetables, and grain that, in many cases,

5 Steps For A Cannabis Breeding Program

Main Components Of A Breeding Plan For Cannabis Step #1 – Develop Breeding Goal You will first need to develop your vision or a cannabis breeding goal and write it out, you can start by asking yourself: Why are you trying to make seed? What are you trying to accomplish? Are you trying to combine

Cannabis Breeding And Sexual Reproduction

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Learn -> Ways To Do Cannabis Breeding There are several biological processes of sexual propagation in cannabis and the formation of new generations by seed via cannabis breeding. Cannabis is a plant that can be reproduced either sexually or asexually. The process of asexual propagation is referred to as taking cuttings or cloning. The process of