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“Netflix of Cannabis Training” (or YouTube?)

Appealing Cannabis Training Analogy, But Flawed… What comes to mind when you hear the name “Netflix“? Orange Is The New Black… the Wonder Years… your favorite casual pair of nighttime sweatpants…? While we love binge-watching our favorite TV shows as much as the next guy, we associate Netflix with something else: crazy-good content that accelerates your personal entertainment

Dispensary Training & ‘Foundation Skills’

Focus On The Why

Required Dispensary ‘Foundation Skills’ Training ‘Foundation Skills’ is the name given to a core set of training resources that cover the fundamentals of cannabis industry literacy and provide a broad base for development and learning. They include areas such as managing your own time and learning to manage other people and teamwork. There is cannabis

*your* Budtender Training & Daily Schedule

bud-tender school

Workday Expectations From *your* Budtender Training Right now there isn’t a standard Budtender training in place for grading marijuana quality, so it’s often hard to tell the difference between a dispensary’s “good” medicine and another person’s “good” medicine. There are several ways to determine the quality and the price of a product such as nutrients used, the strain of medicine, cultivation