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[NEW] U.S. Cannabis Law History “Freshly Released”

Learn Your Historical Cannabis Knowledge The new training is finally here, and the big day has finally come! We just finished releasing our latest and greatest training called the United States Cannabis Laws History (check it out here)… 🥳 This training module will be included in a new certification that we’re working to get accredited in

“Safety Sensitive Jobs” Under Cannabis Laws

Cannabis Use & Safety-Sensitive Positions As employers grapple with evolving cannabis laws and their impact on the workplace, they should note that many states that provide employment protections for cannabis users have exceptions for workers in safety-sensitive roles. But what exactly is a safety-sensitive job? Safety-sensitive generally means that a position involves some aspect of

Laws Protect Off-Duty Recreational Use

Some New Cannabis Use Laws As the trend to legalize cannabis use continues, employers should note that some state and local laws now protect workers who consume recreational cannabis while off duty. Multistate employers are likely familiar with laws that provide job protections for registered medical cannabis patients who use cannabis in accordance with a

Evolving United States Marijuana Laws

How Will Evolving Marijuana Laws Impact 2021? President-elect Joe Biden’s Inauguration is happening this week amid a pandemic, security threats, and tension between the shifting administrations. Here’s what the extraordinary presidential term will look like for the cannabis industry,