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Cannabis Diversion & Operational Security

Preventing Cannabis Diversion & Security Operations Diversion of cannabis to individuals not qualified under regulations to purchase or possess it would expose a company to legal risk and undermine its credibility with the community in which it operates (check out our “Detecting and Preventing Diversion” training). Below are a few strategies that cannabis business operations

Tips for Cannabis Security & Law Enforcement

Cannabis Security

Learn the Best Cannabis Security Many times a cannabis grower tells/shows people what they are doing…this is a BIG no-no, so don’t do it! Police love to reward people for implicating growers in what they do so it can be anyone who may be jealous or hateful vindictive friends, family, lovers, or citizens. Law enforcement will interrogate

What To Do About Cannabis Security

Cannabis Security

Keeping a Low Profile for Cannabis Security Cannabis security and safety is the first and most important aspect, to begin with when you are starting to grow marijuana, whether you grow it outdoors or indoors. Growers and users have been made into the “enemy” by the American government’s “War on Drugs”. It is the job for law