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More U.S. States Legalize Cannabis Use

Cannabis’ Long-Awaited Tipping Point The movement to legalize cannabis consumption continued Election Day as voters in five (5) states approved new laws allowing medical and recreational cannabis use. In Arizona, Montana, and New Jersey – where medicinal use is already permitted – voters approved recreational use. Tuesday’s election was a historic victory for cannabis legalization

Cannabis Medical Education Scientific Literature Review

Evaluating Medical Cannabis Research Studies People are looking for trusted guidance around medical cannabis and there are lots of other websites producing great news and other fun content around this amazing plant… but nobody was really taking you by the hand and walking you step-by-step through how YOU can learn in this ever-expanding and always

Is Cannabis The Next Fitness Performance Enhancer?

Is Cannabis The Next Fitness Performance Enhancer?

How Cannabis And Fitness Can Work Together The myth that all cannabis users are lazy “stoners” who do nothing but eat chips and watch Netflix is debunked. In the era of cannabis having mainstream appeal, the plant and its many compounds are being used for a number of beneficial purposes. From using Cannabidiol (or CBD)

Weed at Work

Must Employers Accommodate Medical Marijuana? A majority of states now permit medical marijuana use, and federal law may not always pre-empt state laws when it comes to their impact on the employment relationship. As employees increasingly turn to cannabis as a treatment option for various health conditions, employers must examine whether their policies – which

Medical Cannabis for Addiction Treatment

Integrating Cannabis Into Addiction Treatment Even before the opioid crisis was declared an ‘epidemic,’ thousands of people were already facing pain medication addiction. Over the last decades, there has been a surge in the number of overdoses and deaths related to opioid use. And after decades of research, there is no quick cure for addiction

Side Effects of Cannabis-Based Medication

Do Cannabis-Based Medications Have Side Effects? Whether you like the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or not, formal approval of any medication in the United States is delivered by the FDA. While their processes have come under scrutiny numerous times, the FDA looks at research studies to decide if drugs should be approved for use

Cannabis Terpenes and Aromatherapy

Synergistic Combination: Terpenes and Aromatherapy A marvelous gift from Mother Nature, terpenes are made by every plant and even some insects such as the bark beetle and the black carpet beetle. Aroma, flavor, healing, food, medicine – terpenes are simply everywhere! Terpenes are a major component of the essential oils, the crux of aromatherapy, a

California Medical Marijuana Non-Discrimination

Medical Marijuana Non-Discrimination Bill Stalls In recent years, medical marijuana has been used extensively and has gained acceptance amongst California residents. In keeping up with the trend, lawmakers recently introduced a bill that would amend California’s employment discrimination laws to impose liability on employers for discrimination against medical marijuana users. A.B. 2069 was aimed at

Marijuana and Cannabinoids for Beauty & Skin Care

Are Marijuana Creams a Threat to Big Pharma? Recreational use of cannabis has continuously gained legal status, especially in the United States. This has brought in its wake the emergence of numerous companies creating pain-relief creams with cannabinoids as the main ingredient. Also, with the increase in legal marijuana usage, full effects of cannabinoids, which