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Moodle 3.6: ‘Boost’ the NEW Core-Code Theme

Code-Code Moodle 3.6 Has New a Theme Moodle Headquarters (HQ) open-source development team explains on the forum the reasons why the ‘Clean‘ and ‘More‘ themes (available by default) will no longer be a part of core-code with the upcoming major Moodle releases and will eventually end all support. For a long time, these themes were the

Moodle: Learning Record Store (LRS)

The First Learning Record Store (LRS) Debuts For all the excitement surrounding Learning Record Store (LRS) and their potential to store xAPI-encoded data about learner behavior and performance and then extract meaningful insights, the progress has been basically halted. This is true in Moodle development and plugins, but it also applies to the broader learning industry.

Moodle: Most Important Accomplishments Over 15 Years!

Moodle LMS Accomplishments via 2 Upgrades / Year For many Moodlers and open education enthusiasts, 2017 was one of Moodle’s most momentous times since the launch of version 1.0. The 15-year anniversary, its first private equity stake, and a series of announcements signaling new approaches both internally and externally are just a few reasons to

Cannabis Training and Compliance Using an Open-Source LMS

A Reality Check for Cannabis Training & Compliance Costs of Open-Source Learning Management Systems (LMS) When it comes to training and compliance in the cannabis industry, businesses must be compliant. To meet these tough compliance challenges, cannabis businesses need software to train and develop their employees while keeping detailed records of who has completed training when. Green