‘The Next Marijuana Millionaire’ Show

Advanced Nutrients’ BigMike Reality Competition Show


Application Deadline: April 20, 2018

Do you want a chance to become…

Advanced Nutrients founder and “the world’s most successful cannabis businessmanBigMike Straumietis is on a hunt to find and cultivate the industry’s next major player. Reality competition show “The Next Marijuana Millionaire,” hosted by Straumietis, will take 16 contestants and turn one into a cannabis industry success story.

  • Become BigMike’s business partner in a cannabis brand YOU develop.
  • Win $1,000,000 in a combination of cash and product funding.

Move out to Los Angeles to become The Next Marijuana Millionaire™, and join BigMike in making cannabis an acceptable and everyday part of healing humanity. If all that sounds like you or someone you know, make sure go to his website (click here).

One million dollars in cash and in-kind prizes at stake in the reality-challenge could make dreams a reality for one eager entrepreneur and eventual winner. So, what are the qualities that qualify would-be marijuana millionaires?

The single biggest attribute I’m looking for is passion,Straumietis said. “Someone with an MBA from Harvard may have the technical knowledge to successfully launch a business, but if he or she isn’t absolutely on fire for cannabis, I’m not interested.

I want to see self-starting, hard-working, driven individuals with the talent and tenacity to launch a successful business,he added. “Of course, an intriguing and original cannabis business idea, as well as the vision to make it succeed, are requirements. They should have solid ideas that can work well in the cannabis industry. We’re looking for contestants who’ve done their homework and can show us a business plan that can be put into action and thrive with my help.

Straumietis is all about mentorship with this latest project. Motivated by sharing success and inspiring viable cannabis industry opportunities, he’s willing to bet that viewers will be compelled to watch how the industry happens and the drama that naturally will erupt when challengers compete to be his pot protégé.


Contestants can expect an array of challenges designed to test their business acumen, their critical thinking skills, and their resilience,he said. “For instance, they may have to build a marketing campaign while bungee jumping, find a way to raise capital without using any technology, or recruit a celebrity to be the face of their product. Through the challenges, I’ll be able to see their strengths and weaknesses—and more importantly, how they think through problems and find creative solutions to accomplish their goals.”

The challenges will offer contestants a chance to see where their skills are strongest and where they need to improve,” Straumietis added. “Running a successful business requires you to multitask, delegate, and build your skills in a variety of areas, and the scope of challenges on the show will give contestants a taste of what that’s really like.

Like a cross between ABC’s Shark Tank, NMJM will reward smart, practical ideas. Unlike a certain now-notorious former game show, the all-important phrase will be “You’re hired!”

Show producers are expecting hundreds of applications at the show’s website. Would-be contestants may submit a video pitch, which will be reviewed by Straumietis and a panel of anonymous judges. Forty selected videos will be uploaded to a special YouTube channel, and the public will be encouraged to “like” or vote for their favorites.

The public voting will narrow down the group of semifinalists to 16 contestants, who will travel to Los Angeles and compete. The competition will narrow the field to eight finalists. Finally, the participant with the most “drive and potential” will be crowned BigMike’s big winner.

Not only is Straumietis the well-known founder of hydroponics nutrients company Advanced Nutrients, but he’s also a larger-than-life personality, philanthropist, and cannabis industry pioneer. With products available in more than 100 countries, Advanced Nutrients boasts $105 million in sales revenue per year, making the company a global leader. Straumietis also maintains a big social media presence, with more than 2.5 million followers.

I’m out to discover you and build the next great brand within our industry,” he said. “I’m offering to fly you out to L.A., put up my own cash and company resources to bring your product or idea from seed-to-sale, and help you become The Next Marijuana Millionaire.

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