UGH, Powdery Mildew Cannabis Again?!

Fungi and Powdery Mildew Cannabis

Powdery Mildew Cannabis

Fungi are primitive plants and do not produce chlorophyll and we’re all familiar with powdery mildew cannabis, it sucks! Fungi reproduce by spreading via tiny microscopic spores rather than seeds.

Un-sterile, soggy soil, coupled with humid and stagnant air provides fungi a perfect environment to thrive in. There are fungi spores in the air at all times.

When these spores find an ideal environment to settle in, they will take hold and start growing. Many types of fungi are so prolific that they can spread throughout all of the cannabis plants in a garden within a couple of days, especially for powdery mildew cannabis.

In some areas that cannabis is grown outdoors, if the area is very moist and humid/stagnant air then no matter what you do, your garden will always have a change of being infected by fungi in some way.


Prevention of Powdery Mildew Cannabis

Prevention is the first step and true key to fungi control. If you are growing in a room that has carpet, cover the carpet with white Visqueen® plastic and duct tape it down.

If you have curtains, clothes and other items that are subject to moist, humid conditions then you will want to either remove them or be sure to wash them often so fungi do not grow. You can spray molds on the walls with fungicide to remove them.

Powdery Mildew Cannabis 2If mold on walls is a common problem with your cannabis garden, or your area is prone to high levels of humidity then you will want to paint your rooms with a good paint. Specific paints made for damp conditions contain a fungicide and are attracted by moisture.

Be sure to remove all molds by washing them with a bleach solution before you paint them. By installing a vent fan(s) large enough to remove moist air quickly, you will be able to keep humidity at 50% it will be easier.

Adding a dehumidifier to a room will help to remove humidity from the room to reduce the chances of powdery mildew cannabis. If you need to heat the grow room, using wood, coal or an electric heater will dry the air and help remove humidity.

You can prevent fungus from settling by controlling all of the factors that contribute to its growth. The main factors that contribute to its growth are hiding places, clean room, lower humidity (around 50%), and keep the air well ventilated and circulating throughout the room.

Always remove dead plant material and trash from the grow room as well as be sure to wash your hands after dealing with dead plant materials. If mold occurs, spray the room down to control it and don’t touch the powdery mildew cannabis!

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