Vaporizers Growth in the Cannabis Industry

Vaporizers & Their Place in the Cannabis Industry

Why are vaporizers popular? The term ‘vape’ was Oxford Dictionary’s word of the year in 2014 and it’s one of the fastest growing industries in the world.

In fact, Research and Markets recently reported that the worldwide vape market is expected to reach $32.11 billion by 2021. The vaping industry has seen a big boom in a particular market: cannabis.

The delivery business Eaze, which has been dubbed the Uber for weed, saw orders for marijuana cartridges for vaporizers rise 400% between 2015 and 2016. Vaporizers first saw popularity as a healthier alternative to smoking because after all, you are inhaling vapor and not smoke.

Combustion is bad for the lungs because you inhale carcinogens and the same applies when consuming cannabis via smoking. With vaporization, you get more of the active ingredients in cannabis versus regular methods of smoking.

Therefore, you have to use less to get the same feeling – be it a high or pain relief – than smoking a joint so it’s a win-win situation.

Vaporizer Use Statistics

Another reason for the vaporizer craze is that the quick innovation of the market. Products have improved greatly since the earliest e-cigarettes since many vape pens and more advanced vape mods now offer multi-functionality.

A quick change of your tank or clearomizer from an e-juice model to a dry herb model and you’re all set. Some models even allow for the third option of vaporizing concentrates such 3-in-1 devices are available and vapers are snatching them up.

And vaporizers are not just for a hit of nicotine or cannabis, either. Desktop, as well as dry herb models, have found a place in the homes and hands of people who like to use them to vaporize fresh herbs for aromatherapy.

However, it is the cannabis industry that some claim saved the vaporizer industry from early missteps with poor products. In Washington, a legalized recreational state, cannabis outlets saw the selling of vape pens concentrate cartridges, and refills soar by 32%.

Further, in cannabis stores, 80% of all vape-related purchases went to cartridges.

Vaporizers as a Cannabis Trend

According to Headset, a cannabis trends watch website, between January 2016 and July 2016 vape pen sales saw a 1.6% increase among cannabis consumers in Washington.

The market was so popular that manufacturers began trying to cut into their competition by lowering prices. Vape pen prices dropped by 14% in the same time period.

Concentrates also saw a growth in sales of about 1.4% so the sales of flowers actually declined by 4.6% but remained the most popular selling item overall. Among medical cannabis patients, vaporizing is a way of getting the active ingredients to the brain quicker, providing swifter relief of the symptoms that ail them.

It is also more discreet, convenient, and offers flexibility. They also allow for more control in dosing as patients can take small inhalations until they have reached their desired level of relief.

If a cannabis patient is having trouble finding a strain that works best for them, a vape provides flexibility to try different strains until the right one is discovered.

In fact, medical marijuana users are five times more likely to vape their marijuana than recreational users. A survey found that only 3% of recreational users consume marijuana through vaping, while 18% of medical cannabis consumers vaporize.

Medicinal users also had a budget for cannabis that was four times larger than recreational users – $48 a month versus $12 per month.

Combustion vs. Vaporizing

While it is true that combustion remains the number one form of marijuana consumption, vaping is gaining ground as a preferred style for many consumers. Vape pens and mods allow for discretion because they are easily stored away, produce very little of the tell-tale smell and are not as harmful as the carcinogenic smoke produced by burning leaves.

Refillable cartridges and one-use style concentrate for pens and mods are also gaining ground. The popularity of models like the Pax vaporizer and the tremendously popular desktop Volcano vaporizer also speaks to the popularity of the vaping style.

Both medical and recreational dispensaries are opening customers up to this new style of consumption and more and more users are trying it and liking it. The vape market is one of the fastest growing markets worldwide.

Whether you prefer to vape e-juice, leaves, herbs, or concentrates, you are part of a growing number of people who prefer vaping to smoking. As this trend continues, you can expect the market for vaping cannabis to continue to grow and flourish.

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