What To Do About Cannabis Security

Cannabis Security

Keeping a Low Profile for Cannabis Security

Cannabis Security

Cannabis security and safety is the first and most important aspect, to begin with when you are starting to grow marijuana, whether you grow it outdoors or indoors. Growers and users have been made into the “enemy” by the American government’s “War on Drugs”.

It is the job for law enforcement to arrest the flower-loving enemy so you have to use the best cannabis safety techniques. In its war, against US citizens, law enforcement has many tools in its arsenal to find and capture people who use and grow marijuana.

From draconian laws to high tech surveillance gadgets, law enforcement is always searching. To maintain a “good” profile, always drive street-legal cars that are in good shape and never have any outstanding warrants on your driver’s license ensures your safety.

Remembering to pay all outstanding or overdue traffic tickets will keep you from being pulled over. Keeping your consumption habits reasonable; do not show people, or businesses, large cash income, and spending.

Always keep a job so “on the books” you receive an income as well as investing in businesses and opportunities adds additional income. Purchasing larger assets over time (houses, cars, boats, etc.) and not at the drop of the bucket keeps you from being suspicious.

Cannabis Safety Cardinal Rules

  • Successful indoor growers are good citizens who keep a low profile to remain undetected.
  • Smart growers keep their house and lawn in good repair to avoid problems with neighbors, city councils, and law enforcement.
  • Not telling anyone about your garden and what you are doing is of great importance for cannabis security.
  • Cannabis SecurityYou are your worst enemy, as they say, “what you say can and will be used against you.
  • Controlling your daily activities, where you go and what you do helps to keep a low profile.
  • Staying away from other grow-houses, wild parties and real criminals keep you under the radar.
  • Minimizing parties, noise, and traffic going through your house are a good lifestyle to practice for cannabis security.
  • Paying bills on time and being nice to all of your neighbors, keeps people from coming to collect debts and reporting suspicious behavior to authorities.
  • Keeping electrical consumption within reasonable use and odors under control are also good practices.

In America, a grower can be imprisoned just for giving advice on how to grow, or when to water, according to the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO), which was enacted to break up and take down the mafia.

Also, with the Homeland Security Act, this further takes away personal rights and liberties of its citizens.

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